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Are beliefs ever justified? 
11:14pm 06/08/2005
  Ok, this is much better. First, i would like to continue our discussion on beliefs, but i would also like to present some other questions that may or may not help with the original discussion.

If beliefs are self-justified(any type of belief, not just of God), vary from person to person, and is all depended on how we percieve things, then what is reality? Is reality one or many? Is reality the outcome of our beliefs, or the other way around? If reality is the outcome of our beliefs, then what is truth?

After reading what everyone has said regarding belief, it has come to my attention that there can be two types of belief, belief in or belief that. Everyone stressing "belief in" something seem correct in saying that they need no reason for it. If God himself is not a sufficient ground for believing IN him, then no amount of rational proof will help. The only "reason" anyone should believe in God, is that he is God.

On the other hand, if one is speaking about "belief that" God exists, it would seem that evidence or reason does bear on this question. For how does one know THAT it is God speaking to them(rather than one's own imagination) unless he has some way to distinguish truth from falsity?
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12:10am 30/07/2005
  Does God exist? Hopefully this question will be simpler than my last question. Please share ur opinions.  
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07:04pm 27/07/2005
  I FUckin Hate gay. They are so gay it pisses me off. LIke today i was in my yard mindin my own damn business, when this redneck comes drivin along in his gayass truck and says "lets fuck sexy." I hate guys. Fuck them. Next time someone come onto me ima fuckin mace them.  
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I realized something that no one will ever know... and this is what it brings about... 
01:28pm 11/07/2005
mood: frustrated
I hate it when people don't appreciate what they have. Yes. I hate myself.

And for all the little shits that pretend like they care, when they could careless--screw you! This world needs people who are greater than the inconsiderate and compassionless people that seem to multiply daily... Rarrr
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03:16am 11/07/2005
  i hate it when people say "it cant be that bad"

fuck off
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well hello bitches 
04:45pm 06/07/2005
  Is certainity possible? Discuss, bitches.  
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Everybody knows it's all about the things that get stuck inside of your head... 
11:04pm 03/07/2005
mood: regretful
I hate how i can't be honest with anyone about anything that matters to me anymore. Etc.
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07:43pm 03/07/2005
mood: angry
My rant is about lasers. More specifically, it's about incompetent people working with lasers. Last week, my cousin Chester died from a laser accident that could have been prevented.

Chester was working on a new laser that kept food cold. While doing tests, Chester told his partner to turn up the lasers to 1,000 lasers . Chester's partner turned up the lasers to 1,000,000,000,000! When Chester put a can of pepsi in the laser, it killed him instantly.

My cousin Chester before the laser accident:

My cousin Chester after the laser accident:

My cousin Chucky was pretty hurt by the lose of our cousin Chester. He came up with this idea to prevent future laser accidents. He plans to build a laser space ship to go to space and get all the space lasers.

This is a drawing my cousin Chucky showed me of the Laser Space Ship:

Space lasers are much safer because they're made from space. And lasers. By bringing the space lasers back to Earth, we'd be able to use those lasers to make all of the fantastic laser products and not be accidentally killed by the laser's highly directional destructive force.

My cousin also thinks that we could use this laser space ship to go back in time and help with the production of Space Jam, my cousin's all time favorite movie.

It really just pisses me off when incompetent people handle lasers and other people die as a result. Whenever you handle lasers, you should always be very careful with them because they are powerful. And awesome.

To learn more about lasers and laser safety, visit this site: http://www.laserinstitute.org/publications/safety_bulletin/laser_safety_info/
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12:38am 02/07/2005
  everythings just going back to the way it was  
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and the worst . . 
05:48pm 29/06/2005
mood: sad and angry
more bad news. i wont be able to do anything for while. theyre not letting me leave.
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12:52pm 29/06/2005
mood: fraught with ideas
Rant topic...rant topic...

General Guthrie!
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01:53am 29/06/2005
mood: restless
Hmm Rant Community! Lets see.... You should give a rant topic out... Not so people could only post topic entrys, but to throw out an idea to spark a rant! INDEED? indeed! hooray

Love you all
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11:53pm 28/06/2005
mood: Damn right I am pissed
Damnit, last time I go anywhere...damnit! damnit!damnit!damnit!damnit!damnit!damnit!damnit!damnit!
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now im just getting pissed 
06:23pm 28/06/2005




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kill the pink polo shirt ass holes 
10:14pm 27/06/2005


thats enough for now
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hope its a hit! 
09:24pm 27/06/2005
mood: accomplished
okay, so have a ball ranting your ass off. and then some.
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